Sep 17, 2006 · Using the wrong impedance speaker may - depending on the amp and the maker's design - cause problems or not. The only definitive thing to say is it is best to observe what the manufacturer says in terms of impedance recommendations. If they say use 8ohms minimum, or 4 ohms min. that's what you should do.

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Shop. Come on in and find out what makes Ted Weber famous. Shop our collection of hand-crafted speakers, guitar amps, custom built and designed speaker cabinets, and much more. I had a Blues Jr. and I really didn't like it much I perfer the Pro Jr. Sweeter toned.. I think a 50's/60's Gibson would be right up my alley, but might cost too much. And I know any vintage amp will undoubtably need a cap job, new (NOS) tubes and maybe a new speaker. Fullscreen alt tab

Jan 22, 2016 · Yes, it all starts with the right guitar. But in case of the electric guitar the amp has a major influence on your overall sound and how much fun you’re going to have playing, practicing and gigging. Next to the guitar the amp is going to be your best buddy. For musicians who mostly play … Unleash the tone of your Blues JR with these modifications from Fromel Electronics! From the factory, this pint size wonder has a lot of potential, but with some select Fromel tweaks this amp can stand toe-to-toe with some of the finest boutique amps on the market. After the mod, the amp boasts clean, sparkling top en

I had a Blues Jr. for a while, but don't think I ever changed the speaker. I have used an Eminence Wizard in a variety of amps, and have loved it in all of them. I think it would be a pretty good match with the BJ. I'm pretty sure there are some video or audio comparisons of some speakers in the BJ, but I don't remember where I saw them. The modern guitar player demands flexibility – a trait which all Blues Cube amplifiers exhibit. Every Blues Cube features a Speaker Emulated LINE OUT for direct connection to a PA or recording console (no mic required) and a PHONES output for silent practice. Incredibly useful is the USB REC OUT interface. By connecting a USB 2.0 cable ... The Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop builds the finest Fender Tweed-era guitar amplifiers utilizing only the highest-quality new components as well as Speed Shop reverse-engineered TD58OT and TC58OT output transformers, A12Q and A10Q vintage AlNiCo speaker recreations, NOS (New Old Stock) resistors, capacitors, sockets, hardware - and vintage NOS tubes.

John deere tractor 5310 olx maharashtraAudi j2534Sensitivity matching: for best performance, speakers should have by less than 3dB difference in sensitivity. ↑ Top. Alnico. Back in the late 50s, Celestion modified a well established radio speaker (the G12) to produce the first purpose-built guitar speaker. Spring reverb tanks are used to create a unique reverberation effect in guitar amps and organs. The reverberation effect is created when an audio signal created by a transducer is sent through one or more springs, the movement of the springs is then converted back into an audio signal by another transducer at the other end, creating the unique sound. is about 20% larger than the stock Blues Jr. which makes it a perfect size for a 12 inch, 2x10 inch or 15 . inch speaker, your choice. There is a slight upcharge for the 2x10 inch speaker option. This cabinet is a . huge improvement over the smaller MDF cabinet that comes stock. Also included is an upgraded, Accutronics reverb tank.

The Blues Junior IV includes a 12 in. Celestion A-Type speaker for well-balanced output with smooth highs, laidback midrange and full, round lows. The modified preamp circuitry has increased fullness, with greater definition and clarity. Next up is the Amp knob, which allows selection of Deluxe, Class A, US Blues, Brit Blues or Mini amp emulations, or Bass (fat bass tone), Aco (electro-acoustic sim) or Flat (flattened out clean ...

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Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes. Transformer sets are often misunderstood, yet vital musical components. They’re integral to the nuances of your guitar amp’s sound. Far more than tubes, speakers or other amp components, the transformers establish the platform for shaping your amp’s unique sound. Enderal forgotten stories walkthroughNeuroanatomy quiz medical school
I eventually narowed it down to the Blues Deluxe and the Blues Jr, the fact that zZounds had a blemished Blues Deluxe for less than a new Blues Jr. helped me decide, and it was the right decision. Just an amazing amp, beautiful clean sound with plenty of headroom.